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ProVari Review: The Ultimate Variable Voltage Ecig

Price: $159

ProVari electronic cigarettes are built with a smart microprocessor that maintains your selected voltage from start to finish, regardless of your remaining battery power. Now you can select the perfect settings for your atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid.


When using your electronic cigarette, notice how the vapor weakens toward the end of the charge cycle? That will never happen with a ProVari.

ProVari electronic cigarettes are built with a smart microprocessor that maintains your selected voltage from start to finish, regardless of your remaining battery power. Now you can select the perfect settings for your atomizer, cartomizer and e-liquid.

The ProVari will produce the perfect vapor all the time – from your first hit at the start of a freshly charged battery to the last hit before it runs empty. Now the question is, is it worth paying over $200 for the perfect vapor? Find out by reading the detailed ProVari review below.

Full Review

ProVari is designed for serious vapers – those who already have their favorite e-liquid flavors and know what attachments and accessories they like. These are e-smokers who have totally quit tobacco and are looking for a more satisfying throat hit and flavor from their electronic cigarette.

At the heart of every ProVari e-cig is a “boost circuit” that converts the voltage received from the battery to the voltage that you select. While a regular e-cigarette generates a little under 7 watts of total power, the ProVari pushes 12 watts on a single-coil cartomizer or high-resistance atomizer and over 16 watts on a dual-coil cartomizer. Essentially, the ProVari will double the amount of vapor you are currently enjoying from your favorite mini ecig.

ProVari V1 vs V2

ProVape recently rolled out version two (V2) of its high-end mod with two distinct upgrades.

ProVari V2 now has a wider voltage range of 2.9V to 6.0V. More importantly the amperage limit has been updated from 2.5 amps to 3.5 amps, which means that you can now use dual coil and low resistance atomizers at higher voltages. In the original ProVari, the protection circuitry would shut down the unit when dual coil cartomizers were run at or above 5 volts.

Look and Feel

The packaging of the ProVari screams quality. The unit itself looks sleek and sturdy with an elegant finish. The end cap screws flawlessly into the body as you seal in the battery.

ProVari ecigs are available in black, stainless, chrome, gold, purple, blue, pink and white. You can personalize them with ProVari Wraps made from 3M and Oracal vinyl.

provarireview ProVari Review: The Ultimate Variable Voltage Ecig

Although the unit is quite heavy, it feels very comfortable in your hand. The activation button is made of hard rubber or soft plastic and does not produce a click sound. All you get is a smooth, responsive and solid movement with just the right amount of spring to it.

With the ProVari, you don’t need screwdrivers, knobs, volt meters, special adapters or a computer to adjust your settings. There are no analog potentiometers to wear out and no dials to accidentally bump. You can easily select the exact voltage you want in a few button presses.


The ProVari is the undisputed king of personal vaporizers. When it comes to creating the thickest, most flavorful vapor, this big boy is in a league of its own. The taste of your e-liquid is more pronounced and the clouds of smoke are 30% to 50% more dense than what your typical electronic cigarette can produce.

Most vapers find their sweet spot at 4.3 volts but you can freely experiment with any of the 32 different settings. With a super bright two-digit display, you can visually adjust your voltage and access additional user functions on the ProVari within seconds.

Apart from the flavor strength and vapor density, throat hit also varies according to the voltage setting. At 5 volts the hit feels hotter and more intense. Pushing to the 6 volts max will require a more powerful atomizer so the flavor does not taste burnt.

To access the main menu or adjust the voltage, press the ProVari button 6 times in a row. The digital display will turn on and you can flip through the voltage settings with each button press. Once you are done making changes, leave the button idle for 4 seconds and the ProVari will automatically save your settings and the display will turn off. Your preferred voltage will always be saved even when you change the batteries.

Unique Features

Every ProVari unit has AccuSet™ technology – a dynamic self-calibration algorithm that keeps the output voltage accurate to 1% or better over the life of the product. The ProVari will constantly monitor and adjust itself to ensure you always get accurate voltage settings. It will auto-tune itself so it’s always precise.

The optional extension cap replaces the stock end cap and allows you to use a 18650 battery instead of the standard 18490/18500 battery. This will give you longer run times between charging.


Not sure if you are using a low resistance atomizer? The ProVari will tell you using its built-in ohm reader.

Need to pack your ProVari and go? Put it into sleep mode and it will shut down to stop the battery from draining. This will disable the button but you will still have access to the LED screen.

You can put the ProVari in standby mode so it will not accidentally turn on when the button is pressed while the device is in your pocket or bag. This safety feature also prevents any settings from getting changed without you knowing.

If the button is held for 16 seconds or longer, the ProVari will shut itself down until the button is released.

The ProVari monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the battery is discharged.

The ProVari will shut itself off upon detecting any excessive over-current conditions. The amperage limit is 3.5 amps.

Each unit is built with safety features to guard against shorted atomizers/cartomizers, reverse battery installation, and high temperatures.

Using the ProVari

Charge the batteries before using your ProVari. The charger included in the kit can charge two batteries simultaneously.

To set the voltage, press the button 6 times.

Fill your Boge cartomizers (included in the kit) with e-liquid using a syringe or drip tip. Make sure that the filler material is soaked completely before you twist the cartomizer into the threading of the ProVari.

If you are using an atomizer, screw it into the ProVari and push the drip tip into the top of the atomizer. Drip a bit of e-liquid and wait for it to flow down to the heating coil.

To start vaping, hold the button and puff. If the vapor tastes dry, add a bit more e-liquid. If it’s good, you can begin adjusting the voltage to your desired level. If you are using a ProVari for the first time, experiment with half volt settings at a time until you get used to vaping at high power levels.

In addition to voltage adjustment, the ProVari button allows you to do other things such as check the remaining battery level, test the atomizer resistance, turn the LED on/off, and turn the unit on/off. Every command requires several button presses.


The ProVari base unit is sold for $159.95 with a full kit going for $211.95 before coupons. ProVari ships free within the United States.

For bigger savings, use a ProVari coupon code when you order online.

About ProVape Inc.

ProVape Inc. designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarette accessories. With a background in industrial computers and military engineering, the founders of ProVape set out to build an American made vaping product that could stand up to the wear and tear of mobile vaping – a personal vaporizer that customers would enjoy for years.

ProVape and ProVari products are 100% made and assembled in the USA.

All metal parts are machined in Monroe, Washington, with tubes, top caps, bottom caps, contact pins, and other metal components formed from US-made stainless steel bars.

Bare circuit boards are manufactured in Illinois. Each PCB is electronically tested before it ever sees components.

Electronic components on circuit boards are the only parts that come from overseas because they are simply not made in the US. Some of these items are ordered from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, or Malaysia.

Components are assembled and soldered onto the circuit boards at a facility outside Seattle, Washington. After installing these components, the boards are tested several more times at ProVape’s Monroe facility to ensure that they are ready to ship. Each vaporizer is checked multiple times to meet the highest of quality standards.

Unlike many ecig manufacturers, ProVape never cuts corners when it comes to quality control, testing, and component selection. The brand takes pride in developing innovative technology, building the best-performing products, and providing exceptional customer service – all with a personal touch.

ProVape and ProVari products have been featured on CNN, The New York Times, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, NBC, Sky News, and Bloomberg.

Ultimate Review Conclusion

What’s not to love about the ProVari? It is the ultimate vapor machine. The thoughtfulness that was put into the design of the product, the innovative features, and the overall craftsmanship make the ProVari the absolute winner in the variable voltage category.

On the other hand, investing more than $160 on an electronic cigarette is no joke. Is the ProVari worth every penny?

The closest competitor to the ProVari is the Lavatube, which is sold for half the price. The ProVari definitely performs better and it is 100% made in the United States.

On the ProVari, the first puff on a freshly charged battery is exactly the same as the last puff before you recharge. That is its most distinct advantage. However, if you charge the Lavatube battery more often, you are likely to get the same experience at half the cost. If you’re on a tight budget, I don’t think the difference is big enough for you to choose the very expensive ProVari over the economical and easier to use Lavatube.

If you can afford it, though, then by all means go get yourself a ProVari or ProVari Mini. In terms of appearance, vapor production, battery usage and overall experience, the ProVari is undoubtedly the best electronic cigarette for serious vapers.

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