Walmart Electronic Cigarettes Review


Walmart Electronic Cigarettes (DO NOT BUY)

Price: $79.99

DO NOT BUY Walmart Electronic Cigarettes! Learn why these ecigs suck and which electronic cigarettes you should consider buying.


Buyers Beware: Walmart Electronic Cigarettes Are Not Worth Your Money

Walmart is now selling e-cigarettes, and if you are looking for the cheapest way to try out these devices then this is good news for you. But are Walmart electronic cigarettes really worth your money?

In the smoking section behind Walmart checkout aisles you will find different brands of ecigs. Disposables are aplenty, since they are the easiest way to make money, but there are also quite a few starter kits.

Not all Walmart stores are carrying electronic cigarettes, and if you are thinking of driving around looking for one that does, then let me tell you that it isn’t worth your gas money.

walmartecigarettes Walmart Electronic Cigarettes (DO NOT BUY)Walmart electronic cigarettes are the worst ecigs ever. Batteries die within an hour, the vapor is horrible, and the taste is disgusting. They’re not cheap either. A starter kit at Walmart is selling for $50 to $80, whereas you can easily find a good ecig kit online for half that price.

Having e-cigarettes available at Walmart means you don’t have to wait for your kit to be shipped to you. It also allows you to actually see the product before you buy it. But here’s the catch. Walmart will always look for the cheapest supplier to accommodate its prices and still bring a profit. As a result, you get a selection of ecigs that are substandard or even unsafe for you.

Online companies do not have to cut corners in order to meet a specific price point. Instead, they are focusing on improving the technology and making e-cigs that produce more vapor, have a longer battery life, and taste so much better.

Electronic Cigarettes You Should Consider

We recommend you consider Green Smoke or V2 Cigs as your e cigarette brand. These 2 brands are the top 2 online and provide the highest quality electronic cigarettes at the best prices. You can also use a Green Smoke coupon or V2 cigs coupon on every single purchase you make! This is a great benefit of buying online.

More on Electronic Cigarettes from Walmart

When looking for an e-cigarette starter kit, there are four things you should take into account: content, quality, price, and customer service. There are plenty of cheap starter kits on the Internet with a lot of cool stuff in them and are made of excellent quality. How are Walmart electronic cigarettes stacking up against online brands?

Contents 1/5

I got a Walmart electronic cigarette kit for $80, so I was expecting it to come with at least two batteries, 10 flavor cartridges and maybe even a cool personal charging case (PCC). I did get two batteries but only five flavor cartridges and absolutely no accessories. And one of the batteries didn’t even work!

Quality 1/5

Puffing on my Walmart e-cigarette, I noticed that the battery wasn’t producing that much vapor and the flavor was almost gut-wrenching. After around 30 minutes, the e-cig just died.

Price 1/5

For one working battery and five disgusting flavor cartridges, $80 is highway robbery. If you sell me a kit for that much, it better be damn good. And the Walmart e-cig kit wasn’t. You can get full starter kits online for as low as $25, with good-quality batteries and fantastic flavors. V2 Cigs, arguably the best electronic cigarette brand today, only charges its customers $50 for the same stuff you get from the Walmart ecig starter kit – with much better quality.

Customer service 3/5

As I mentioned earlier, the one obvious benefit that you get from Walmart electronic cigarettes is convenience. Just pick it up from the shelf and use it. But if you want to invest your hard-earned money into a really good product, you might be better off ordering ecigs elsewhere. Many e-cigarette companies online can now ship their kits in just a few days – with top-notch vapor and flavor quality that is truly worth the wait.

Avoid Walmart electronic cigarettes at all costs! To get the most out of your first e-cigarette experience, I would recommend the $24.99 Express Starter Kit from V2 Cigs you can read the v2 cigs review for more detailed info about the #1 brand online.

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